Mobilizing our community for responsable tourism

Concerned about the future & economic vitality of tourism in the face of climate change, as well as the environmental footprint of tourism, the Corporation de développement économique de Sutton is motivated to carry out a major mobilization project: Sutton, taking care of our destination together.

Why a concerted approach?

Lancement tourisme durable Sutton

What are our goals?

  1. Co-create a project that brings people together & fosters a high level of social acceptability.
  2. Test an approach that can be used again for other projects with sustainable development values.
  3. Create a shared vision for the development of an inclusive and concerted tourism offering.

What results do we hope to achieve?

  • Breaking down silos and working together
  • Promote social acceptability
  • Showcase heritage, culture and terroir
  • Promote gentle mobility and reduce carbon footprint
  • Become a more resilient, diversified and sustainable 4-season destination

What is a cocreative process?

Co-creation is a hands-on approach that allows participants to explore, design and test solutions before they are implemented, for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.

What concrete project will bring us together?

The cocreation of a trail that showcases scenic beauty, gentle mobility, heritage, culture, hospitality and local produce in a sustainable way.


  • Grant announcement
    15 January 2024
  • Project Launch
    8 February 2024
  • Project presentation in English
    March 2024
  • Community mapping
    March-April 2024
  • Meeting of the Grand Conseil of the Waban-Aki Nation in Odanak
    April 2024
  • Activities to deepen solutions
    April-May 2024
  • Ideation & prototyping workshop
    June 2024
  • Designing experiments
    June-July-August 2024
  • Showcase month
    September 2024
  • Learning workshops
    October 2024
  • Vision and implementation principles
    November 2024

A Grant from Destination durable et action concertée

Project to mobilize the Sutton community for local, sustainable and slow tourism receives a $250,000 grant

The Corporation de développement économique de Sutton (CDES) was awarded this grant as part of Destination durable et action concertée (DDAC), a support measure administered by the Fonds d'action québécois pour le développement durable (FAQDD) as part of the 2030 Plan for a Green Economy and the Responsible & Sustainable Tourism Plan 2020-2025.